• Legal documents:

We mainly work with law firms for the translation of various types of legal documents. The most requested translations concern: client contracts, special conditions and general terms and conditions, patents, etc. Our specialized translators, who have considerable experience in the legal field, are at your service for any translation in this sector.

  • Banking and Insurance:

You will save both time and money by entrusting us with your documents for translation. We have the know-how and expertise required to translate all types of financial documents such as: annual reports, financial analyzes, accounting documents, investment plans, memorandums and circulars, work procedures, documents relating to project management services, technical validation reports, and documents related to financial stock services…

  • Telecommunication and information systems:

Translation in the field of information systems requires translators with training in engineering. Our specialized translators have considerableexperience in the ICT field, with a flawless mastery of their working language. Thus, they have the necessary competence to translate for you any kind of document, such as: functional, software and technical specification documents, documents pertaining to computer networks of companies and their infrastructure, telephony-related documents, be it landline, mobile or IP.

  • Medical:

Knowledge of the medical field in general and of the medical terminology is a prerequisite for a successful translation. Our medical expert translators have everything required to provide you with an efficient specialist translation of high quality. We translate prospectuses, medical research documents and many more.

  • Industries and techniques:

This area encompasses the following sectors: automotive, electronics, aeronautics, energy and others. The main documents we translate are technical data sheets, maintenance and user manuals, user guides, brochures, plans, safety standards…

  • Communication and Marketing:

Translation in this area is necessary and requires immaculate quality to ensure that the content will have its desired impact on the target audience. Thus, quality is our main force in this area. We usually translate advertisements, leaflets, flyers, brochures, advertising presentations, calls for tenders or multi-language internet website presentations.

  • Tourism and Leisure:

Some of our translators have a passion for tourism and leisure, we therefore offer a specialized translation service in these fields as well. We translate tourist guide books, reports and documentaries, documents relevant to culinary arts and more.

  • Arts and Literature:

Art production documents are also an important component of our translation work. Whether related to music, poetry, or even prose, we are at your full disposal for a quality translation in this area.

  • Public Service:

For your information transfers across Europe or at international level, we are here to assist you with the translation of your documents. Among many other documents, we translate research documents and studies, press releases, tenders and agreements.

  • Humanitarian Organzations:

Among the work of our translation agency is the translation of documents submitted to us by well-reputed humanitarian organizations. Furthermore, strategic partnerships are being developed with our agency with the aim of successfully accomplishing humanitarian and environmental missions.